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Exhibit Resources from POW!

The Great Big Exhibit Resource List

A constantly updated compendium of resources for museum design and exhibit fabrication (including websites and contact information.)
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Donor Recognition Examples

This is a PDF of examples of Donor Walls and other recognition devices in museums that were featured in an ExhibiTricks blog post. It’s a BIG file so be patient as it loads.
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Cheap Exhibit Ideas from the ASTC Exhibit Cheapbooks

Here are a few examples of the types of simple, inexpensive exhibit ideas to be found in each of the three volumes of The Exhibit Cheapbooks which I originated and edited.
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POW! in The New York Times

A nice review of a children’s interactive art exhibition I created for the Nassau County Museum of Art.
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Downloadable Exhibit Articles by Paul Orselli

“Producing Great Exhibits on a (Not So Great) Budget”

My article from the January/February 2014 issue of ASTC’s Dimensions magazine. Some simple, inexpensive ways to add to your exhibits program.
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“Green Design Nuts and Bolts”

An article jam-packed with resources and techniques to help you expand your green exhibit design toolkit.
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“Million Dollar Pencils and Duct Tape: Some Thoughts on Prototyping”

Concrete examples and tips about how to move through each phase of the exhibit prototyping process.
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“Good Things Come In Small Packages” (Small Museums Article)

Lessons learned from a quarter century of working with a variety of different types and sizes of museums.
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ExhibiTricks blog

  • Exhibit Design Inspiration: Real Time Data Sites

    I love real time data visualization websites!  In addition to being a perfect blend of science, art, and technology, the web-sights provide a soothing thrum of information that I find mesmerizing and relaxing.  I also think these sites are great inspiration for museum/exhibit/design ideas.

    Some of my favorite real time data sites are listed below:

    Wind Map  gives a real time visualization of wind speeds in the U.S. It's like a giant video info graphic!   A more three-dimensional view of wind around the entire globe is available at the earth website (pictured at the top of this post.)

    Line of Sight provides a way for you to track satellites and other human-created space materials flying over your current location.

    While you are up in the air, check out  a sight that lets you pick out the location of commercial aircraft during their flights.

    Coming back to Earth, you can track tectonic activity by seeing the geographic locations of active earthquakes and volcanoes at this site, or view National Weather Service satellite data, including infrared, visible light, and water vapor views.

    Finishing up on the terrestrial side, EarthCam is a website that lets you easily choose and view real time webcam feeds from interesting places around the world.

    I'll finish out this post with two digital "eye candy" sites.  Tweetping gives you real time data mapping of tweets around the world, while Google Trends Hot Searches gives you a constantly scrolling feed of current trending searches on the popular site.

    I hope clicking to these sites gives you some inspiration and enjoyment!  Did we miss any of your favorite real time data sites? Let us know about them in the "Comments" section below!

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