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Museum FAQ Videos

We’ve just started the library of Museum FAQ videos. Bookmark this page and come back often to view new Museum FAQ videos! Do you have your own Museum FAQ that you would like Paul to answer, or do you have a suggestion for a new Museum FAQ video? Just send Paul an email at and you might see your Museum FAQ featured in a new video soon!


Join Todd Harris, principal of 42 Design Fab, for tips, tools, and conversation on how to keep your projects on track in the latest Museum FAQ video.

Join exhibit designer Margaret Middleton for a fun and informative Museum FAQ video conversation. We discover how planning for
better infant care and feeding areas can serve as a model for creating more inclusive museums.


Join Patti Reiss as she shares the ingredients baked into the wildly successful membership program at the Mississippi Children's Museum.

Join Amparo Leyman Pino of Yellow Cow Consulting for a fascinating discussion about the use of language in museums. Amparo moves beyond multilingual labels to the ideas of blended language and language neutral environments.


A thoughtful and informative conversation with Dan Spock that answers the question, "How can you include great stories in your exhibitions?" Dan shares examples and tips that every museum exhibit developer can use.

An informative and insightful conservation with Greg Belew, Principal of Hands On! Studio. Learn how Greg manages the workflow of a group of remote workers collaborating on museum exhibit design projects all over the world. You'll definitely find some useful takeaways and tips for your own Working From Home (WFH) situation.


Paul Orselli describes how the five letters in the word ELVIS remind us of the five most important tips for making museum exhibit prototypes.

Paul Orselli chief instigator at POW (Paul Orselli Workshop) talks about museum exhibit projects and some common "red flags" to watch out for!


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    Tobon also created a video collection of some creations entitled "29 automata in 6 minutes" which you can see on YouTube or embedded below.

    You probably have all the materials you need at home right now to put together your own pandemic plaything -- why not give it a whirl?

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