Bronx Zoo Stampers

Bronx Zoo Stampers

POW! collaborated with Canstruct LLC and the staff from the Bronx Zoo to create “Passport Stamper” stations for their Summer Zoofari events. This was a great opportunity to bring principal Paul Orselli’s science education background to an informal learning project.

  • South America

    South America

    A large jungle snake image was stamped on visitors’ Zoofari Passports inspired by one of the animals from South America found inside the Bronx Zoo habitats....

  • Zoofari Stamper

    Zoofari Stamper

    Weatherproof, durable, and fun interactive Zoofari Passport stations were deployed outside throughout the Bronx Zoo grounds. Bring over 35 years of museum exhibit development experience to your project when you work with POW!...

  • Asia


    Visitors could stamp their Zoofari Passports with a Tiger image evocative of the animals and exhibits from Asia found inside the Bronx Zoo....