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Paul Orselli Gallery / Custom Exhibit Components

POW! is happy to work on unique exhibit ideas with clients. Have a great idea, but don’t know how to turn it into an exhibit? Give us a call (516) 238-2797.

  • Giant Newton’s Cradle Video

    Giant Newton’s Cradle Video

    One of our first Giant Newton's Cradle exhibits. Still banging away over 15 years later! View our Flickr and YouTube pages for our latest version of the Giant Newton's Cradle!...

  • Children’s Book Carts

    Children’s Book Carts

    These book carts were designed by POW! (Paul Orselli Workshop, Inc.) in collaboration with Kim Wagner Designs and DCM Fabrication. The carts are now installed in the Brigham and Women's Hospital NICU family waiting rooms in Boston....

  • Parabolic Spinners

    Parabolic Spinners

    Parabolic spinners! How to “turn” simple materials into a surprisingly engaging and durable math exhibit....

  • Art Museum Light Exhibit

    Art Museum Light Exhibit

    As part of an interactive art museum exhibition: a cylindrical light table with translucent color Magna-Tiles....