Glass Factory Mountain

Glass Factory Mountain

POW! collaborated with DCM Fabrication and Kim Wagner Nolan to create a dynamic new exhibition for the National Bottle Museum. The "Glass Factory Mountain" exhibition shares stories about the people, processes, and products of the historic Glassworks supplying bottles to ship the famous Saratoga Springs waters.

  • Video


    Glass Factory Mountain Exhibition Video...

  • Title & Credit Panel

    Title & Credit Panel

    Layered acrylic panels provide a striking introduction to the "Glass Factory Mountain" exhibition....

  • Glassworks Maps

    Glassworks Maps

    Modern and historic maps help visitors understand how the locations of the Glassworks depended on access to the vast quantities of wood – to fire furnaces and sand -- to make glass....

  • People Section Panels

    People Section Panels

    Utilizing 19th-century photographs of glassblowers, Kim Wagner Nolan created large format graphics to punctuate the compelling stories found inside the National Bottle Museum....

  • Oscar Granger

    Oscar Granger

    Oscar Granger, one of the key figures of the Glassworks era, is represented by a life-sized graphic based on a historical painting of Granger....

  • Bottles Display Case

    Bottles Display Case

    Drawing upon the Museum's extensive collections, DCM Fabrication built this custom display case with backlighting for each bottle....

  • Congressville Section Panel

    Congressville Section Panel

    This display panel picks up architectural details shown in the photographs of the pavilion at Congress Spring, where the public would come to sample the waters....

  • Glass Furnace Model Front

    Glass Furnace Model Front

    The front of this "Glass Furnace" display features samples of the components needed to make glass and a touchable piece of glass from one of the 19th-century Glassworks....

  • Glass Furnace Model Back

    Glass Furnace Model Back

    The back of the "Glass Furnace" display is a scale model of the type of large furnaces that were used to contain the molten glass that glassblowers formed into bottles....