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Paul Orselli Gallery / Molecules Traveling Exhibition

Molecules and Health: The Shape of Science is a traveling exhibition funded in part by the National Institutes of Health. POW! helped transform complex topics from molecular biology into family-friendly interactive exhibit components.

  • Molecule Tools

    Molecule Tools

    Molecule Tools. Can you match the shape of the molecule to a common tool ?...

  • Molecular Measurement

    Molecular Measurement

    Use the “Molecule Measuring Stick” to find out how many molecules wide your hand is !...

  • Molecules in your Body

    Molecules in your Body

    A full-scale body silhouette with flip panels to show how the shapes of different body molecules help determine their function....

  • How Many Molecules?

    How Many Molecules?

    Step on the electronic scale to find out how many molecules your body is made up of !...