Muzeiko Museum Gallery

As you can see from the images of the wonderful exhibition and architectural design, Muzeiko was named “Educational Building of the Year” in Bulgaria.

POW! principal, Paul Orselli, was pleased to serve as the primary exhibition consultant for the Muzeiko project from start to finish, responsible for helping to form emerging content into completed exhibition areas.

  • World Architecture Blocks

    World Architecture Blocks

    Visitors can create structures using blocks representing architectural styles from around the world....

  • Volcano


    Jump to activate a volcano interactive in the Geology section of Muzeiko. Photo credit: Roland Halbe

  • Tunnel


    A view into the “Natural World” exhibition area in Muzeiko....

  • Tree Rings

    Tree Rings

    A nature interactive lets visitors learn more about tree rings....

  • Tree Kids

    Tree Kids

    The central interactive “Tree” in Muzeiko spans all three floors of exhibits. Photo credit: Roland Halbe

  • Satellite Station

    Satellite Station

    Young scientists can try to bounce signals off a simulated satellite to create a live video feed of exhibits around Muzeiko....

  • Muzeiko Building

    Muzeiko Building

    Muzeiko was designed by Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership and named “Educational Building of the Year” in Bulgaria. Photo credit: Roland Halbe

  • Archaeology


    Delve into the Bulgaria’s rich past through simulated dig sites and other interactive exhibits that let you take on the role of an archaeologist....

  • Animal Vision

    Animal Vision

    Find out what it is like to see the world as a fish, a bird, or an insect....

  • Animal Jump

    Animal Jump

    Visitors match the length of their jumps to those of familiar animals. Photo credit: Roland Halbe