NYSCI Connections Exhibition

NYSCI Connections Exhibition

Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!) was pleased to bring their science museum exhibit design and development skills to the major permanent gallery called “Connections” at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI).

  • Router Pinball

    Router Pinball

    This interactive “Router Pinball” component allows museum visitors to explore the science behind computer networks like the World Wide Web, and was developed after extensive prototyping with children and families. This is just one example of how POW! can bring extensive science museum exhibit experience to projects like yours!...

  • Network Tiles

    Network Tiles

    A simple, but effective, science exhibit for children and families to better understand the science behind “Connections” by creating their own networks using colorful tiles....

  • Network Interactives

    Network Interactives

    A collection of interactive science museum components based on Networks were developed by POW! and used in the “Collections” exhibition at the New York Hall of Science....

  • Geoboards


    Young scientists create “rubber band networks” through this cart-based activity in the Connections exhibition....

  • Connections Corner Cart

    Connections Corner Cart

    POW! was tasked with designing family-friendly interactive experiences to explicate Networks and the science behind them through cart-based activities....