Testimonials Page for the Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!)

Paul is a truly rare combination of in-depth scientific knowledge and a creative, artistic mind. He is also one of the very few people I know who leads you to the solution (as opposed to imposing one).

Vessela Gertcheva, MUZEIKO - America for Bulgaria Children’s Museum

I highly recommend working with Paul if you are looking to have an expert who really knows what he's doing, and brings a real sense of play and joy to his work.

Brenda Cowan, SUNY/Fashion Institute of Technology

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul as both a client and a collaborator and he is a joy in both regards. He brings out the best in his collaborators in every team he is in, bringing both audacity and focus to the process. His extensive experience with and understanding of visitor engagement in exhibits darn near assures that each activity will be successful at providing a better understanding of the workings of our world.

Eric O’Toole, Exhibit A Design Group

Working with Paul is a great idea for many reasons. He is creative and excited about each project he joins. He understands museum constraints and is well-rounded enough to create high quality materials with limited budgets. He is networked with many different kinds of people so he brings resources from one network into another.

Preeti Gupta, American Museum of Natural History